Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Surrender to the Light Within You

We are so naturally blessed with natural intuitive healing abilities and yet sometimes we forget. Remind yourself of the light that you are and practise practise practise.

Practise seeing, feeling, surrendering to, & generating LIGHT through your palms and whole body... Light begets light. Focusing on Light generates more of it. 

The light that arrives to assist within my clients healing sessions is tangible in their bones, cells & bloodflow ushering massive life shifts and heartfelt surrender to the light that they are within them.

I encourage them to treat themselves gently after their sessions with rest, hydration, sunlight etc to encourage their cells to surrender to this level of light that now flows through them.

Often it feels for the clients as if they have "returned" to themselves... this is reflected by their enhanced cellular vibration holding more of their own life force, their own light. 

 Surrender to the light within you

Monday, 12 August 2013

Surrender to the source of divine love that flows through all of us

Today's Affirmation: 
I surrender to the source of divine love that flows through all of us, connects all of us, and aligns all of us...
with our highest potential for joy, peace, abundance, and the presence of our soul. 

I allow my hands and heart to be the vessels of love that they truly are, creating realignment with this divine source of love in everything I touch and do. 

May every session today honor the divine presence within each of my clients that seeks loving alignment with their soul and the divine source of their divine creation. Now and forever.


Saturday, 10 August 2013

Sharing your spiritual journey with others ~such a freeing experience

Even though each one of us is travelling on our own journey, sometimes its soul restoring to share our journey with others. Sharing your spiritual journey with others can be such a freeing experience. Feeling safe to share the experiences & emotions of your internal world of growth and change can create massive transformation in your life. 

Your journey is still your own, however to be accepted whole heartedly transcends barriers of religion, race, creed, dogma and fear. You are invited to join us each week to enhance your own spiritual journey... We love our Wednesday meditation evenings, as it is like our family walking in through the door each week. 

Be safe, be humble, be kind, be strong, be true, be noble, be loved. 

Wednesday nights - 7pm, 

Monday, 5 August 2013

Mistakes ~ Building Character from what we learn through our mistakes

Confession #231 : I make mistakes. Sometimes I feel it straight away and rectify it then and there as fast as possible, other times, it does not set in for a few months and I realise the actions I took were not from my heart. I used to anguish over this, my chest would become tight, my mind would turn over the different outcomes that would be possible in my life now, if I had not made those choices. Even time travel would come up... if only I could go back to the one instant in time and hold my tongue, step away, say no, say yes, stay at home, step out... etc etc.

Finally, over time, I would open my heart, forgive myself, learn to trust myself again, and breathe a little more deeply, easing the strain in my chest, as my heart opened to ME again, to trust me again. To risk again, to take life in and be a part of life once more "in the moment" without the torment.

My prayer for us all is that we take mistakes as opportunities for forgiveness of ourselves and opportunities to create a beautiful character within us that grows and changes and matures and laughs and loves, acknowledging every atom of us. Not letting any part of us go un-acknowledged or unforgiven.

For when we surrender to the truth, that we are all one, that we are all here to take risks, stumble fall, grow, get up, dust our knees and take another step, then another, then another... then we find the courage, wisdom, grace and peace... to walk tall as a whole being... mistakes and all. Present and accounted for and loved by ourselves and each other. Amen

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

On our Journey through Life, pack lightly, but always pack Gratitude

Would you believe that every now and again I grab a box from the garage and filter my old life into my new... unpacking, still. It is a heart felt gentle process... so much to be grateful for as I place special little nick nacks from friends and my children and my other life into my new one with Cameron I am Grateful. 

Sometimes things are tossed... only those that are close to my heart have stayed the course and are still with me on my journey... My greatest asset on my journey though is my gratitide. I shall keep this in my napsack no matter where I go or what the weather for it makes everything else in my life shine. I feel loved by the great divine and loved by my children, my family and my beloved Cameron and ME x 
And so it is. And so it is. And so it is. AMEN.